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  • Open Source
  • Cybersecurity
  • Training
IT professional troubleshooting a network connection with a magnifying glass

Intelligent cybersecurity solutions

Safeguard your business with our expertise in cybersecurity. provides comprehensive services in auditing, mediation, and cybersecurity training. We ensure complete security for your IT infrastructure, from networks to implementing backup systems, guaranteeing peace of mind for our clients.

Close-up of a server rack showing network cables connected to multiple servers

Audit, consulting, and engineering

Optimize your networks and internet access. We evaluate and reduce the ecological footprint of your infrastructures, conduct comprehensive security audits of the information system, and thoroughly examine information system security. Our goal is to analyze network configuration, identify vulnerabilities, and points of weakness to strengthen your cybersecurity.

Close-up of a person concentrating on lines of code displayed on a computer monitor

Empowering digital competence

We offers training, financially supported by your OPCO. From maintenance to the use of GNU/Linux, advanced management of electronic messaging, and graphic design with open-source software, our training sessions cover a wide range of digital skills. We also promote digital mediation and the transition to responsible digital practices.

Our Services

  • Cybersecurity

    Secure your business with our expertise in cybersecurity. We offers comprehensive audit services, mediation, training, and complete security for your IT infrastructure, including the implementation of backup systems for maximum peace of mind.

  • Software Development

    We excels in software development. Customize and enhance open-source software or create tailored solutions in Python, Go, PHP, JavaScript, and Bash. We also integrate physical measurement and geolocation systems, ensuring continuous maintenance and updates for optimal performance.

  • System Administration and Networking

    Create and manage advanced IT infrastructures with our system administration and networking expertise. We offers audits and advice on networks, security, and systems, designs optimized network architectures, automates infrastructure deployment with Infrastructure As A Code, data backup, and libre software for maximum flexibility.

  • Training

    Training sessions financeable through your OPCO. From maintenance to using GNU/Linux, advanced email management, graphic design with libre software, to digital mediation and transitioning to responsible digital practices.

  • Digital Transformation Consulting

    Tailor-made strategies for your company's digital transformation. Yuna guides you in adopting best digital practices, integrating new technologies, and maximizing operational efficiency. Let's build a digital future aligned with your business goals together.


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